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YOUTH DAY – युवा दिवस:All information

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Youth day is one most important days for all youth. Who belongs to the youth category. Because all development works of the nation are complete by youth. In here I have Given details about the youth day. You are here for searching for some knowledge about youth day. You can use it as speech, essay … Read more

Youth |All about youth age and power .


Youth-“Mission For a change the world” Definition of youth youth or age limit age can be defined as like this is an age between childhood and adulthood. Simply we can say that youth is an age in which age a boy\girls have sprit, courage, working efficiency, energy to do work for the nation, etc. In … Read more


The youth World

In our world, There are many websites about business, fashion, travel, science, and technology, etc. But I never have seen blogging about the development of youth and the development of youth personality. Therefore this website is for youth. In here you can read about youth development programs and youth development works. Our mission is to … Read more