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Study abroad is not a difficult task. But Its process is difficult. If you do not know about its process.

Hello guys, Watching YouTube videos to study aboard is good. But In YouTube videos, people usually do not give you all details about studying abroad. In this article, I have written for your not for views. It is to help you in the right direction As well as to fulfill the thousands of dreamers. Who wants to study in aboard? Who is dreaming for study aboard? Here I have described all your query. In case I have not written your problem here then Please contact me I will give your answer at any time.

Why Aboard not in own country?

We know that there are many colleges in our country. There are many universities for studying Ph.D. and Master’s Like in India IIT, IIsc, TIFR, AOP, etc. Our country is also well developed in many different fields.

Therefore, most another foreigner also comes to study in our country. But for better Education Like Industries orientation works, Research in a specific subject, Deep Knowledge in a specific field. So, most people want to study aboard. Most of the students also want to explore the world. They are going to study aboard. Here I have made a table to move our country for study aboard.

  • Best Work experience
  • Good research
  • World explores
  • Special for the stipend
  • Best scholarship
  • Study with Different countries people to gain knowledge.

What should you do to study aboard?

If you want to study aboard. Then What do you have to do? There are many courses for studying aboard. Firstly, you have to choose a country, which country do you want to study in? There are different exams for the different Language tests. Example GRE, TOFEL, ILETS, etc.

So here are the Steps for studying aboard:

  • Choose a country or multiple countries as your list
  • Choose your university
  • Search chosen university on google
  • Go to Chosen University homepage
  • Search How to apply to this college from aboard
  • Find out which month they are accepting applications from that university. Example Some of aboard universities accept applications in the months of September, December, and April.
  • Write down the requirements and work for integrity in your live it.
  • If there are requirements SOP (Statement of the proposal), CV, Letter of recommendation, etc. I have written more details about it below.
  • Wait for the Right time to apply to that university.

Some University does not accept application for masters and Ph.D. They will accept students by direct mail. Here are the steps for impress Guide to enroll in that course.

Direct mail process:

  • You have to choose the University
  • Then go to their home page
  • Find out the professor of faculty of that University.
  • Write down their Emails and contact address for that professor. If you want to apply to multiple universities then you have to collect Professor’s email lists.
  • You have to prepare different emails for the different professors to address their research papers or research topic. Which will be very impressive. Some of the students what they wrong. They write a mail and send it to different professors. But They don’t think that their research is quite different from each other.
  • If Any professor is Interested in your CV/profile then she/he will reply to your emails. After that he/she will give the processes to follow under the guidance of that university.

Let’s go to More interesting questions about this agenda.

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What are a fee and free courses for studying aboard?

The fee of the university depends upon the University. If you want more accurate about the fee structure of any university. You have to go to the home page of that university and search for the fee for your course.

But for your Knowledge, I have given a fee to some universities for some courses for aboard students. These are links to get the approximate fee of different universities. To confirm it visit the university website.

Because the fee will change according to their academy’s year.

 Oxford University:


Cambridge University:

Pirton University:

University of California:

You can also find out different university fee structures on their websites.

Which subject you can do your career in abroad?

There are many courses on the board for Masters and Ph.D. You can go to study aboard, whatever you want to study. Many Indians who are moving to study aboard are Listed Subjects.

Ph.D.  or Master Course in Physics, Biology, Zoology, Botany, Commerce, Business,, MTech, etc.

Subject taking is defended upon to you. Which subject you are defending? Almost all topics and subjects are opportunities for the development of the

Here I’m a list of the course in another country. Which is giving the opportunity to the Country.

How much cost for your course?

The cost of many colleges or universities is different for each. Some universities really cost different fees. It’s actually defending upon the which type, of course, you want to do in your way. To figure out how abroad charges fees in university, Here I have made a table for studying aboard.

Which May help you to prepare for financial problems, before joining any course and any university. Here I have given the cost of different courses. Which helps you.

What are scholarships for Indian students to study in aboard?

 There are many scholarships for helping students. Who wants to study in aboard? Most of the govt. are giving opportunities for scholarships. Which scholarships are most important for the development of a student’s life? Because in aboard study not an easy task.

There are many universities, which are giving to students to pursue their studies free of cost. But competition is very high h. here most of the students are facing problems for study aboard. Which is a really good thing for the students? Who is studying fundamental research in another country?

 Here I have given the tabulation of fees of universities. Which may help you people.

Which Exams are required for studying aboard?

To take admitted to different countries, there are different exams to eligibility for different countries. Most of the students know about it.  It is really important for you to join aboard. Some the universities take GRE. But Some universities do not take the GRE. They take ILETS and some universities are taking TOEFL.

So Exams and language tests are very carefully to go into university.

Then How do you know which university taking which   Examination? Here is a step-wise guide:

Go to University Home Page.

What are the benefits of study in aboard?

As I mentioned first, there are some benefits of to stud aboard. In here also I’m going to details about it. Which will help for your good career in aboard.  We can discuss in point how it is really important for the career.

Here are some points :

Best Work experience :

We know that Work experience is most necessary to any public or private limited company. If you have work experience you can earn money without any person. We also know that” power men come from a powerful place “. What is the meaning here? It is that you can earn great experience from great places. So that you can change the world.More is here

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How to study abroad and Right Process

Assume you are working in a small research center. Then You will only learn less activity in the small hotel. But you are working in any Good research center. Then You will learn more skills and experience than in the small research-oriented center.  So always learn from the great places. Which will help you in your job selection in the future. Some of the research opportunities are not in our country.

Good research:

There are also many good research centers in our country. Still, also we feel that something is missing. What is that?  We also know that IIsc, IIT, NIT, IISER, NISER, ICST, and ISRO are great research centers. There are good types of equipment in these laboratories. But Equipment is for limited students. In foreigners their many types of equipment if the university is very good.

How to study abroad and Right Process
For Good Research

You should also know that some foreign universities are not good as our country. carefully choose if you are going to

Knowledge explores:

Some of the students want to know more study about the world. They like to explore different fields of knowledge in different fields of the world.

  • Special for the stipend
  • Best scholarship
  • Study with Different countries people to gain knowledge.
How to study abroad and Right Process
For knowledge Explore

Which documents are required for studying aboard?

1. SOP- STATEMENT OF PROPOSAL (Goals and objectives of your )
3. COVER LATTER (To send Prof.)
5. GRE SCORE, TOFEL, ILETS – defending the country
Table for requirements to study abroad

How can I apply for the study in aboard?

You can apply to study aboard, by two methods

1. Direct recommendation from your prof.

Some students work on projects with prof. , They can request their prof. to the recommendation to study abroad.Which is a very helpful method to get abroad.

Because prof. knows some people who are working in abroad. If you are working well with that prof. then you can get a chance to study abroad.

2. Online Application:

Many universities ask to apply online application form to study abroad. So you have to check their website frequently from Sep-Dec. It also depends upon the university.

3. Mailing System:

Some universities do not accept online application forms. So you have to mail their prof. Some of the prof. will give you a reply and some are not. If your CV and cover letter are good then You can get a chance to meet prof. and all things will go according to prof.

There are Some Questions below. If you want to know more about it . You can contact me. I can give you more information.

  1. How can I do my internship in aboard?
  2. How can I write My statement of purpose?
  3. How can I bring a Letter of recommendation for study aboard?
  4. Is there are required any CGPA/SPI for the study aboard?
  5. How Can I write my design my CV?
  6. How can Make my profile for study aboard?
  7. Which University is better for which subject?
  8. Which Country is better to research?