what is the aim of physical education

Physical education is one of the most important education for any person in the world. Most people know about it. But They don’t know What is the aim of physical education? In life, to survive with nature and for good health, it is a necessary part of life. Which are doing many people in their lives.

The concepts of physical education is fun with games, Yoga, Gaming skill learning from experts, Running, etc

Therefore many schools have a specific period of this physical education. Because It is a most interesting period for children’s.According to some research on students activity, This physical education is very interesting than the other study period of any school. Remember Your childhood, There is no interest to study but we all want to play with friends when we get to this time period.

In the modern age, This physical education is decreasing day by day in Schools, Colleges, and universities. Which not Good for students. Because of online games like PUBG, FREE FIRE, CLASH OF CLANS, etc. Most children or students are attracting to digital gaming and online gaming. Here I have explained Ho we can Decerese it day by day. What is physical education? How it is most important and its aim.

What is the physical education?

It is the holistic education for humans for the development of health and makes the body to perfection. It also develops the following abilities. I have written below.

  1. Good Health
  2. Make body to perfection
  3. Develop concentration by yoga
  4. Develop abilities like perseverance, team spirit, leadership
  5. Increase Self Confidence
  6. Maintain physical fitness
  7. Development of personality
  8. Mental alertness
  9. Develop as adult
  10. Skill to control the mind

Where physical education originated?

This physical education started in 386 B.C.Physical education began in ancient Greece. This education system is invented by Plato. He understands that Fitness is one of the keys to making students better and better. So he started it as a class named Akademia.

In the modern age, There are many schools that have this type of course in their education system. Because If students not fit then they also don’t study well. So it is mandatory for some schools, Where the study stress is high. Every school has a timetable for this section. So that it will develop the body and mentality of the students.

What is the Scope of Physical Education?

Today, Every school in the world has a time period for this physical education section. So there are many possibilities in our world for doing better jobs in schools and colleges as sports teachers or coaches. Everyone wants to like play any games. So if there is no mentor, then one can make a good fitness body. There is hard to win the Olympic game medal.

This physical education will give more jobs like here.

1. Sports Teacher in school
2. Sports Teacher in High School
3. Sports Teacher in Colleges
4. Sports Teacher at University
5. Coach in any Gaming club
6. Trainer for Olympic game
7.Coach for the national athletics
8.Coach for the different games
9.Sports journalist
10.Marking in manufacture sports products

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What is the aim of physical education?

Here I have described some aims of this physical education. This can help to understand the What is the aim of physical education? how is it so important? Physical education is one of the most important education for any person in the world. Some people want to do physical works, games, exercise. It is also an education human too.

Shortly I have given some of the Main aims of this physical education here. This should help students and you to people very well. Here is the table, which indicates the main aims of physical education.

1. Games or Sports as Our Culture heritage

2. Good Health and Fitness of life

3. Biological Development by Physical Education

4. Mechanical View in physical Education

5. Talent Identification by Physical Education

6. Psycho-social Content of Physical Education

7. Competence skill developement

8.  Development of physical Abilities

9. Develop Human Personality

10. Development of awareness skills

Here I describe the full details of the above table contains. If you want more information about the above table then. It section makes me feel good.

Games or Sports as Our Culture heritage:

We know that today, This physical education is everywhere in our world. It will found in every school, college, and university also. Nows there many Sports meet is there for the competition of our youth.

In the modern age, we are organizing much competition for youth and students. They may be school levels, College levels, Universit Levels, National Levels, the International levels also. Example of Some games like Cricket, Kabadi.Kha-ko, Football, Volleyball, etc.

Many of the competitors are working for the nation. It helps to development of our sports department of nation. There is a different game for different states. Which makes our cultural heritage so proud feel.

This is one of the most important aims for physical education. Some students of today will be good medalists in the future.

Good Health and Fitness of life :

We know that,

“Health is Wealth “

The above famous quotes are about. If you have good health then you have everything. But If not have good Health But you have many things to enjoy, It seems like there is nothing. So Good health is most necessary for making a good life.

To make a lifelike body fit and good health. We have to do some physical exercises and games. Which makes us perfect and wonderful body figures. By playing some games, we have avoided some mental illnesses and some physical illnesses. Which helps to development of good health.

What is the aim of physical education
What is the aim of physical education?

What is the aim of physical education:Biological Development

The Most Interesting thing is here, What is behind in the game and exercises in real life works. How does it work to lose a fat belly? How is a child growing every day? All types of fundamental moves and steps make the body to circulation speed of blood.

When a child plays games and running anywhere many functions working in behind. Some biologicals functions are Blood circulation, Bones Joining, Musuls pumping, Respiration, etc. Which helps to grow a child. It develops to the person make six-packs, strong body, good fitness. Biological improvement is necessary to develop the person’s body.

Therefore, one of the physical education aims is biological development.

 Mechanical View in Physical Education:

Some people may ask that what is the aim of physical education? I can simply explain by this Mechanical view. All physical works, physical exercise, physical education concepts based on the mechanical work done.

From this mechanical view, we can study acceleration, movement, force by the exercise and games. We can study all mechanisms of exercise by this mechanical. What amount of force we to giving kick a football from one place to another.

All physical functions of games and exercise work like mechanical phenomena. From it, we can learn that Equilibrium, Center of motion, Effect of gravity, etc. So it aims to understand all phenomena by physical education.

Talant Identification :

To select an eligible person for any works, we can select by their competition. We can organize a competition to select any person. There are some exams are which are selecting people by physical education. Where they are taking like Running, High Jump, Long Jump, etc. I can give you an example, NDA, Airforce, Army, etc.

To join any army and Police service We have required to qualify for the physical exam. In this way, we are searching for the talent of our youth.

We can identify the many of athletics on the basis of physical education. So it is also an aim of our physical education.

Psycho-social Content:

Psycho-social content means it is learning some various skills about motivation, Self-improvement, Self defense, Motivation through learning some skills. All social improvement of a person depends upon How he learned physical education.

All types of stress and pressure are dependent upon also physical education skills. Yoga is a one type physical education skill .which helps people to develop the skill to survive in nature.

Yoga is also one type of physical education. Which will help to make good mental strength. It helps to concentrate a work perfectly. Most of the people of the world learning yoga for a good life.

Competence skill development:

In today, All want to take the job. When it asks recruitments for physical education. Some people drop it. Because they not eligible for that. We also know that Today competition very high for a single post job. To get a job in you have to learn some physical education. Like Running in proper ways, High Jump, Long Jump, etc.

So Physical education will develop your skill to fight with people in any field. It will boost you to take a job in any physical education category jobs.

There are also many competitions like national level, State level sport meet, International Sport competition and Olympic games. Which all competitions need physical skills to win these challenges. if you are studying physical education then you have a bright future to develop your skills.

What is the aim of physical education
What is the aim of physical education?

Developement of physical Abilities:

You won’t know why it is the part of What is the aim of physical education? Because This physical education can change your life. It will make you live bright. Because It will build you some important abilities. Which abilities are not present in a normal person.

Here I have given some built point od ability of physical educations.

1.You can run faster than normal people
2.It will your stamina to work anything
3.You will become very heavy compare to normal people
4.you can give 100 % in any works
5.It will build your strength to work any work
Development of physical Abilities

Here I have described only 5 abilities. You can build more whatever your choice.

Develop Human Personality:

Physical education makes a person looks great. It will develop your personality. Which makes you a super racer in any competition. For the development of your personality, you have to practice more and more.

For the development of personality, It is the main tool. Which can change your figure and looks in a perfect manner, Whatever you want.

Improvement of awareness skills:

If you are thinking Why it is part of What is the aim of physical education? then you are right on track. If you want to do any works, This physical education will alert you that Why you want to do it? If you are facing some problems with your are working experience. Like some physical disadvantages of life. They go to the field regularly. You will feel fine after someday.

This about the What is the aim of physical education? I have described here many things. Which may help you.

Physical education in schools:

In school, there are some specific periods. Which are only allocated for physical educations. . which is good for all teachers and students. It helps students to develop their abilities.

What is the aim of physical education
What is the aim of physical education?

College and university also have some physical education. If we can increase the time this physical education. It may Very good for all students. Which participates in this education.

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