What is the toppers study time table? Crack Any Exam.

We all know that toppers are not Superheroes or God. They do not come from Any other planets. All are born from a mother. They also take classes from teachers, not from any alliance. Then What makes them topper of any Exam? Is toppers study time table make them topper? You also studying hard. Why do Not become the topper of that exam?

I know you are studying this article means a, Your are struggling hard but the result is not satisfactory. Here I am Described the all secrete behind Topper study time table, Smart word, Hard work, Time management, etc. Which make you a topper in any exam Like, IIT JEE, UPSC, NEET, NTPC, All exam what you are preparing for.

Why are you not getting a good result?

Here are many reasons, we can predict them very easily. In here a table for this purpose. Pick weak points and move with your queries. All solutions are given below.




Over Confident


Only Thinking not studying


Not hardworking


Only Studying not Understanding


Not following any timetable 


Following anyone Notes


Less Self- motivation 


Not Smart Studying


Wake  up and Sleeping time  not clear


Not clear about ,Syllabus,pattern etc.

In here, I have written some general points about a student’s mistake. You have to know these Questions Answers.

Why do you want to study?

We know that,Every person has a valid reason to study hard.It may be Dreams of students , Jobs, Respect, Money etc.

  1. It is one of your dreams
  2. Want to take a job
  3. For Respect
  4. you want money by craking it
  5. You want fulfillment anyone dreams like Mother and Father of yours.
  6. It may be your passion
  7. You may have any other reasons

There are many reasons have different people defending of their thinking. To find out your valid reasons and think of it. Always think that,

“If you want to become the topper of any exam, then Study hard by dedicating your life to it.
If you don’t want to study, then Leave it. Don’t waste time “

–Dillip Kumar Himirika

Founder of the youth world .

To crack any exam, you have to prepare for this exam by giving 100% focus, Leave everything for it. Dedicate your some general works for it. Determine your boundary of weakness and try to fix it. If you want to be a topper then you have to overcome your weakness circle. You have to cross the boundary and overcome it.

What is your territory?

Before, jumping into the competition exam, You have to know about your territory. It means You have to know this question’s answer very well. Please ask this question yourself.

  • where is your position?
  • what is your weak point?
  • Is it hard for you?
  • This exam is hard or easy for you?
  • If you give this exam without preparation how many marks you can get?
  • How much syllabus portion you have known well without preparation?
  • How many candidates appearing for this exam every year?
  • What is the aim of this exam? How is it working?
  • Why are some people not cracking it easily?

Territory means your strong circle, where can very strong about the exam, Which should be the strongest zone for you. In this section, you can`t defeat by any other.

These are some questions that can make you a deep thinker for any exam. First, write this question-answer and know your analysis. If you found any weak point note down in front of the study table and look every day.

The above questions answer to give you an extra boost for the exam. If you want to crack any exam you have to keep these points in mind then proceed. If you don’t about these points then you doing wrong.

What are essential materials for your exam like toppers study time table?

Before you have starting for preparation of any exam you have required some material for that exam. You have to keep these materials for the exam. You have to collect this material and keep it on your table, mobile, and Laptop.

toppers study time table

Here is the serial-wise Table for collection.

SL. No



Download Syllabus and  take print physical mode


Study Materials


Make separate Notes for different subject


Make Separate Note for Formula


Make separate Notes For Micro Notes


Make a Study Table and select a lonely place


Sticky Notes for Small goals 


White Board for Questions Practice(Optional).

Full details :

  1. If you have printed your exam syllabus, paste it into your wall in front of your study table. When You have complete any portion of the syllabus then mark it from it. .This works can give you some motivation to complete your syllabus.
  2. Collect Study materials from your friends, Seniors, Websites. If you don’t have any books then buy some standard books from any physical market or Online.
  3. Make separate Notes from a separate subject. So that it will help to note easily bullet points for different subjects.
  4. Formula Sheets are a very Important crack for any exam. You not making any Formula sheets than you are making very wrong. These Formula sheets help you at the last moment of your exam. Practice Questions Keeping formula sheets in front of you.
  5. Micro notes also very helpful for the last moment of your Preparation. At the last moment, You don’t have to cover all books. So that Micro note- Helps also a rank booster. So that you can Become a topper of any exam like IIT JEE, NEET, UPSE, or many more.
  6. Select a place, where you can`t disturb by people. Selectin of this place very Important.
  7. Buy some sticky notes for daily routine and for setting small goals to complete. Write your goals and paste them into your study table. When you complete this goal give the Right mak to your goals.

What is Smart Work for study ? Why so important ?

Many people do hard work for the study. Many people hard work 13-14 hours in the day but Some people crack this exam other are not why? For any exam, you don’t require hard like a donkey. You have studied properly ways. You have to make strategies which should be like best for you. This is called Smart work.

If any student taking any chapter to cover 5-6 hours. You have to do it 1-2 hours by cleaver and Effective. This makes you a topper in any exam. Don’t be a donkey who is working hard whole over the, Be smart and Crack any exam effectively.

Some students take more time to solve questions of exams. You have to know the different strategies to solve that question in less time. That’s Smart Work. This is so important for a Candidate who wants to become a topper in any exam. Like IIT JEE, IIT JAM.UPSC etc.

What to Study ? What to Skip?

This is also smart work. You should know that a 30-40 % syllabus can give you a 70-80% mark on your exam. Find out the micro topics which topics are repeating each year. Mark on These micro topics into your syllabus. First Complete this syllabus than other. If you find out these micro points or micro topics skip other Topics for Some time. First, finish these topics then Skipped the topic.

toppers study time table

If your preparing last moment of the exam, You should follow the above point mandatory.So that you can gain more marks from less syllabus.

To find out these micro topics.You have to refer to these points :

  • previous years question papers
  • Marking System of your exam for a particular topic.
  • The whole analysis of the Question paper of around 10 years
  • Ask your Teachers
  • Ask your Mentors

Why mentor is so Important for crack any exam?

Who is a mentor? A mentor is a person, who helps you to increase your performance in any exam.He/she may your Fathe, Mother, Teacher and also senior. Who supports you to crack the examination.

You have to share your weak points with him.She/he is a senior, so faced all problems, which you are facing now. So that you can rectify it. If your mentor is a senior or a teacher who is teaching or coach of you then, It is better.

With mentor support, you can increase your rank and performance. So, Mentor is So important.

What is the toppers study time table? For Any Exam

Now are the main points, What will be the toppers study time table? There are many exams in our world. So I can`t Put all-time for all examinations. Most importantly, Time table is different from person to person. For example, One loves to study at the night, Any another loves to study in the daytime. Some people love to study in the morning time. It is different for different people.

In the world, there are rare people, who follow the timetable strictly. If you have planed a timetable and followed it 3-5 days after that none wants to follow that timetable. I know it is very well. After that, a new time will be made and the same thing will be repeated again.

Toppers are very smart. Toppers do not do that Mistake. They don`t make a timetable for a week, month, Year. They make time table that when they Wake from bad or before sleep. You are surprising right! It’s true.

Therefore, If you want to become a topper You have to make time table each day with Any notes. I like Sticky Notes for it. Here I have given a sample.

When you wake up, take a sticky note and write for 24 hours.Example 0-1 ,1-2,1-3 etc.Then fill each hour, what you do in that day? You have to fill each of hour by daily work and study also. Here I have given some clue! Here is I have given a table for example.




Questions Practice










Wake -up





































I have organized time according to me. Now your turn. You have to give topic according to time. Whatever want to do that write on the timetable.

Here I not added like 5-30-7.30 or .5.30-6.30. If you want to distribute time like this you can. Don’t worry It is your time you have to do anything. Why ever you want.

Not make time table like Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, etc.

What is the Whole or annual Planning in toppers study time table?

You are regularly Making a daily timetable, not for Sunday, Monday. Before, Jumping any Exam. You have to Plan whole think Yearly of Whole over.

How can you crack this exam? How many questions you have to do? What should be the perfect revision frequency you have to do. How many Mock tests you have to give? Whole Things cover from here. The best plan, you can get a boost to Good Rank. This is the toppers study time table.

toppers study time table
toppers study time table

Here I have given an example of what to do?If you are interested to making these things than you are on track.

What is my plane for Crak this exam with Good Rank ?

1. Number of Question practice should before -25,000+

2.Syllabus should be complete within 4 months.

3.Mock  Test should be -75+

4.Revision of the Whole syllabus should be -15+ times

5.Formula Sheet revision should be -50+ times 

6.Micro notes revision should be -75+

7.Book revision should be -20+(All Books, Which book you have chosen)

8.Class or coaching Notes should revision-50+

What is Monthly Planing in toppers study time table?

Once you have done with your daily goals every day. Now Target a Month. What Can you have to complete or Skip? Target Month then Divide a month into its Weeks. For a target a month You have to make a table and Plan everything. What can you should that month, Write down all Things and work to complete Small goals?

This Above Table is for the weekly time Table. Here You can write your weekly goals. Not Monthy Goals. This is the toppers study timetable. Which is also you know but not doing an action.

In here I have given a table on how you can Prepare your Monthy Table.







1.Practice-1000 Qns

1.Practice-1500 Qns

1.Practice-2000 Qns

1.Practice-3000 Qns

1.Practice-4500 Qns

1.Practice-6000 Qns

2.Finish syallabus 10%

2.Finish syllabus 25%

2.Finish syllabus45%

2.Finish syllabus70%

2.Finish syllabus 85%

2.Finish syllabus 95%

3.Take mock exam -10

3.Take mock exam -12

3.Take mock exam -15

3.Take mock exam -16

3.Take mock exam -17

3.Take mock exam -20

4.Revision-all subject -5 times

4.Revision-all subject -8 times

4.Revision-all subject -10 times

4.Revision-all subject -15 times

4.Revision-all subject -18 times

4.Revision-all subject -25 times

5. formula

 revision-5 times

5. formula

 revision-7 times

5. formula

 revision-10 times

5. formula

 revision-15 times

5. formula

 revision-20 times

5. formula

 revision-30 times

You Can also add more months. Here I have given an example. So that you can do everything Fine.

What is the weekly Planning in toppers study time table ?

We know that consists of each day make a week, weeks make a month, month makes -a year. Make time each day for what you have love. But You have set some goals to complete within a week. Then Set goals for a Month. Then make a strategy for a year. You are youth you can do it. Want to know more power about you? Click Here

toppers study time table
toppers study time table

This is like a pro timetable Don’t follow a toppers time table. Follow your made time, you can become topper`s Topper. This is the toppers study time table. Take action and look. You can get success. To read more about motivation Click here.

Here is an example is given with a table look.









2.Take-2 mock test

2.Take- 2 mock test

2.Take-3 mock test

2.Take -2 Mock test

3.Electronic 150 qns

3.Solid-state 150 qns

3.Math questions pratice

3.Chemistry 160 qns



4.Solid-state ch-6 complete

4.Mechanics Complete

5.make formula


5.Revision first weeks study notes

5.Revision  round-2

Revision round -3

Make your own timetable like toppers study time table. But don’t exactly follow the toppers study time table. Follow your timetable you can achieve anything, you want.

All planning and toppers study time table, I have explained in here.

Can I apply this toppers study time table for any examination?

YES! You can apply this toppers study time table for any of the examinations like:


I have not written many more exams here. These are some top examinations of examination in India. Follow your timetable, not others. So that you can modify it according to your situation.If you correctly follow these some points.Which I have described for you people more enough to crack any examination in this world. In conclusion, we have to know this quote.

“No one can`t change you, If you wont become a topper, you have to change for it “

Here I have described whole things about toppers study time table. All things, which are required to crack any examination of the world.If you loved this article. Then share it with your loved one, Your Friends, sister, brothers, and others.

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